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Winter and Summer

The Purpose of the Lodge

The Lodge was created so that people could come to a comfortable and protected environment to explore how their bodies work in the physical process of COMMUNICATION. It is especially concerned with giving people a place to develop a stronger physical connection to their surroundings and to their relationships with other people. 

The Lodge was created to explore the specific physical communication technique developed by Loyd Williamson. This technique is a method for establishing connections, a sensory connection, to ones’ surroundings and relationships through the body, the physical life of a person. Then the Technique deals with how behavior flows out from the body that is totally connected to the person’s experiences. From the point of view of the Technique the body is limited as to how fully it can open into contact with the world around it when living within the daily demands of ones’ habitual schedules and surroundings. The Lodge is an environment where people may come for a period of time long enough for the body to completely disengage, where a person might be totally safe to explore how the body can open and take in without having to engage ones’ habitual muscular defenses and tensions. The Technique was designed to work at its most effective in an environment free from the physical strains and tensions of everyday work life; an environment that has restful surroundings, good food, and most of all supportive people. The Lodge is such an environment.

The Lodge services professionals from many fields though the Technique was originally designed for COMMUNICATION for actors of film and stage. Professional actors are still a major group who come to the lodge to train in their craft; therefore, most of our discussions will contain some references to that particular art form.  In terms of the craft of acting, this work is called The Physical Process of Acting.


At the outset, please understand that the activities of the day have been planned to give you as rich an experience as possible; however, the primary consideration of this place is to be of service to you. Since this is a retreat centered around the art of acting, contact with other people and with one’s surroundings is crucial. We are coming together so that we may discover and grow in the company of other people. As is said in the Williamson work participation is the one thing that is required.

Each day will include private exploration time on the land, sessions with Loyd, private coaching time with the faculty, work on some project which connects your sensual exploration to your acting work. It will also include time for wonderful meals, swimming in the Black River and picnics in the summer, and snow shoeing, cross country hiking, some occasional down hill skiing, and always reading, and sleeping.  


A typical get-together at the Lodge:


Arrival Day:

• Arrival time 3:00pm
• An afternoon walk to get to know the land and to meet each other person in the group.
• First Gathering: Successful Connection: When do I do it and how does it feel in my body? 
• First Movement Session: very light, simple,  and very brief.
• Night walk in the field beside the Lodge, weather permitting.
• Visiting around the Great Room Stone Fire Place.
• Quite time and sleep (wake up to be decided by the group).

Typical Day:

• Morning Class
• BREAKFAST and with poetry readings of whatever appeals to each person.
• Morning walk (private time)
• Second Gathering: Discoveries on the Morning Walk
• Second Movement Session: Opening the Body, exploration of selected physical work of The Williamson Technique.
• LUNCH (picnic if season permits)
• Exploring as one wishes (town fair, flea markets, swimming in the Black River, snowshoe walks, nap, etc.)
• Third Movement Session: selected from The Technique according to the theme of the retreat.
• Afternoon Walk (private time).
• DINNER: (7:30 P.M.)
• Playtime Gathering:  dancing at the Lodge, bowling in town.
• Enjoying the Great Room Stone Fireplace: hanging out, talking, guitar playing, etc.
(Decide on rising time for next day.)

Final Day:

• Morning Class
• BREAKFAST and poetry readings (Works written during the retreat are very welcomed).
• Final movement class.
• Walk on the land (private time).
• Final Gathering:
Discoveries on the Morning Walk. Discoveries from the Past Days. How the Discoveries fit with Going Back Home.
• LUNCH for all who wish.
• Tasks/Contributions to the Lodge for those who wish (any person who would enjoy participating should limit their task to no more than one half (1/2 ) hour’s work).
Cleaning out fireplace ashes, bringing in new fire wood, or some half hour land contribution project such as clearing fallen branches near the lodge.)
• Private Conferences are available for any people who wish.



The following are suggestions of what to bring.  Please pack as lightly as possible, if you are sharing a car with several other people.
1. Books of poetry: fun poetry, tragic poetry, love poetry, silly poetry, your own poetry.
2. If your current acting technique is at the appropriate level, bring the material you are working on.
3. Your own toilet articles: soap, shampoo, etc.
4. An extra blanket, if you enjoy very heavy cover on your bed. We have cotton sheets, blankets, and comforters for all the beds.
5. Long pants, shoes, and a good hat or scarf to cover your head. The woods are lovely and very untamed. From the middle of May to the middle of August, they can also be Adirondack buggy. 
6.  Fun and grubby outfit for splashing around in the river swimming hole.
7. A grubby towel for the river.
8. A small flashlight.
9. Clothes for class: (no, most folks do not wear tights. Just be comfortable i.e. sweat clothes.)
You may always use your class tights.  For this workshop you may use sweats as well.  Please always use a snug fitting top, so that you can see your alignment work.
10. Clothes in general:  Whatever is totally comfortable!
During the fall and winter the temperature can be very cold.  The Lodge is very warm.  Outside, be  prepared. Don’t overdress for hiking, snow shoeing or cross country skiing; you don’t want to   sweat and get wet inside your winter clothes. 
During the height of summer, the temperature can be 55 degrees at night or 75.  During the day it can drop into the 60's if wind and rain comes up.  It often has been 90+ in many summer weeks. Sweatshirt is the most practical garment you can have.
Something warm to sleep in.
Something cool to sleep in.
Summer: hat and/or scarf.
Boots for all seasons / tennis shoes in non-snow season.
Winter: long under ware.
11. This may not be convenient, but bring sandals to slip into when ever you come into the Lodge from out of doors.  The floors are all natural wood.  The dirt gets major stuck in tennis shoes and boots. It can make a mess of the place in one half day.


The Summer Movement Program is a specialized time (and in a special place called the Tamarack Lodge) in which to explore the physical aspects of successful communication, both within the Theater and Film and in other professions as well.  The most concentrated work is devoted to the physical technique developed by Loyd Williamson and how it relates to the other disciplines that it was designed to support.

All workshops and projects are held at the Adirondack Tamarack Lodge in Boonville, New York.  The classes are strictly limited to 16 participants.  All food and lodging is included in the cost of summer programs.  It is based on the fee of  $90.00 a day.  The tuition varies according to the needs of each project.

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