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The Williamson Technique

The Physical Process of Communication in Acting

Sensory connection creates experience
that the body processes into behavior


The Physical Process:

Through the five senses actors connect to the people, places,
or things of the imaginary world.
Sensory connection stimulates the actor's inner physical life,
creating experience,
The body processes this experience into behavior.

The Circular Flow:

Behavior flows back into the original sensory contacts,
Loyd Williamsonreconnecting the actor and transforming the sensoryLoyd Williamson Image 3connection.

This transformed sensory connection enriches the actor's
inner physical, enriching the experience.

The experience creates new behavior, which reconnects the actor.

This technique requires, first, actors who are willing to develop their senses so that they become completely connected to the specific people, places, and things of the world around them; second, actors who can allow their bodies to become vulnerable to any and all experiences that come from those connections; and finally, actors who can allow their experiences to be expressed in vivid behavior that is completely receptive to new sensory connections.

The Technique